Asian Online Casino Service Review

The ability to play slot games or roulette on web without leaving a hotel room or driving a car saw many gamblers turning up and playing in an online casino room with an entire hoard of a crowd taking the plunge and trying their luck to win big money.

But hold your horses if you’re deciding whether to hop in or not simply because not every online casino could be worth joining – although one looks promising – Keep reading and learn more about it to figure out if it deserves a second look or not.


There is no fuss, confusion (or hullabaloo). It’s straightforward.

  1. Call up and talk with the customer support that can walk you through the process. Tell him/her which casino online to join, give your name and your bank account number to use for making your initial deposit and funding/withdrawing from your account.
  2. Deposit your money to one of the approved Thailand banks. Give the casino another call and confirm your deposit.
  3. Wait for the SMS containing your username and password to log into your account.

That’s it. Sign in, receive 20% bonus and start playing “Games.”

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The service offers baccarat and poker, among other card and table games, as well as roulette and slots. Traditional games likefish prawn crab dice and Fan-tan as well as live score in football are in the house.


Do you prefer playing online? On a mobile casino? Via a casino app? Or maybe via Window apps games?

No matter the game access you want, GClub has it for you.  Play using the most suitable channel for you or use a combination.  Play on PC today, on your phone tomorrow, and vice versa.

The people behind the website have also ensured that players will not miss a chance on their favorite games because they can play anywhere that they are connected to the Internet.

And because the casino is online, they can also bet on their favorite games 24/7 without leaving home or waiting for a seat to become available in a brick-and-mortar casino.

And if they are stuck on traffic, they can also play on the go through the availability of mobile casino apps or Windows game apps that they can download on android or iOS, whichever is compatible with the specific software.

Now if players encounter a problem, they can count on the 24/7 customer support.

Customer Service Team

Nothing could make players feel more frustrated than not getting help or support when the situation calls for it, like on…

  • Terms of service
  • Banking
  • Game rules
  • Violation
  • And so on…

The website offers a 24/7 customer support, ensuring that you can ask for assistance, explanation or technical help when needed.

Aside from their people staffing the support channels 24 hours a day, they’re reachable through different contact channels…

  • Hotline numbers: 080-638-0334
  • Line ID: @CASINO1688
  • Chat messaging system

Their customer service staffs are also friendly, knowledgeable and reliable, as they’re screened for expertise and experience in the casino industry.

On that note, let’s now talk about the company’s reliability on payouts and banking (deposit/withdrawal).

The process is easy.

  1. To deposit, use the bank account number you used in registration. Make the deposit and give them a call to confirm it. Then, they’ll process and credit it to your casino account.
  2. To receive a payout or make a withdrawal, call and tell them the amount to withdraw. The customer support will then process and credit the money to your account in as little as a few hours.

That’s incomparable, isn’t it?  Easy, fuss-free banking process – that’s one thing setting G Club apart from the rest, not mentioning it’s an advanced casino online


Unlike other casino websites, such as Ruby888 or Holiday Palace, G Club offers better player ease, especially for beginners.

The website is easier to navigate and loads faster (*result varies based on internet speed).

Its design is responsive, making it compatible on any device, and it uses “content delivery network” (CDN) that serves a specific web page’s content to a player, a content delivery server and webpage origin – based on geographical proximity (location).

Final Thoughts

The web casino, which is licensed under the Grand Diamond Hotel & Casino, is a promising gambling venue for its,

  • Convenience
  • Accessibility
  • Games Offered
  • Customer Support
  • Easy Registration And Banking Process
  • Signup Bonus
  • Technology

So if you’re looking to join an online casino, check out Royal Gclub and discover more of its benefits today!