Check out the coolest innovations in casino technology

Believe it or not, casino games have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. Popular table offerings like blackjack, roulette and poker can be traced back as far as the 17th century. Nevertheless, the way these games are played has evolved dramatically over time. This is all thanks to advancements in casino technology.

Some of the coolest tech innovations to emerge in the past few years include live dealer platforms. First developed in 1996 and now available at all the best online casino sites like Bgo, live dealer platforms allow you to take on real dealers and croupiers from the comfort of home. They give you the power to stream the action of real casino table straight to your smartphone or PC.

But that’s not the only way to get a more realistic, virtual casino gaming experience these days. As well as being packed with innovative bonus features, modern online video slots are now being developed with VR technology. Immerse yourself in fully-interactive, computer-generated worlds playing VR editions of your favourite NetEnt slots like Jack and the Beanstalk or Gonzo’s Quest.

You can find out more about live dealer games, VR slots and other cool casino tech innovations by checking out our simple guide on this page.