Don’t Know How To Play Stud Poker Game Online? Read This

Heard a lot of stud poker, but don’t know how to play it online? Here, you’ll get basic information about this, insurance bet, and buying a card.

How to Play Stud Poker Online?

Unlike hold’em poker and draw poker, stud poker game provides you both face-up (in some cases) and face-down cards. To play the stud poker game safely and fairly, choose the top-rated site that is licensed by the government. Casino Barcelona is one of the recommended sites offering fair-to-play game with quick and secure payment methods. Once you register an account, place your initial wager in the first betting section and community cards (if you want). A dealer or a croupier dealt 5 face-down cards to each player and 5 to himself/herself.

Put your cards face down on the table if you feel you cannot win over the bank. A dealer will take out these cards from the table with the initial bet. On the other hand, you have to place the amount twice the starting wager if you want to continue. In this next situation, a dealer will show his/her hand. If the hand is equal or higher than Ace-King, a croupier will turn the cards of each player and pays out only to that gamer, who has the higher hand. However, if the hand value is not higher than Ace-King, he/she will pay out the Initial Bet without showing your cards.

Insurance Bet

The brilliant feature that you can take the full advantage of is Insurance Bet that provides increased luck. You can boost the value of your insurance bets at the extent supported by the payment table, irrespective of whether the bank wins a hand or not. The list of a prize awarded on achieving any combination given in the hands table are described in the table given below –

Full 100x amount wagered on the insurance bet
Poker 300x amount wagered on the insurance bet
Straight Flush 1,000x amount wagered on the insurance bet
Royal Flush 2,000x amount wagered on the insurance bet

Wish to win the higher prize? Play with full dedication to achieve a better combination.

Have You Purchased A Card?

While playing stud poker, you can buy a card by placing a second bet. This is one of the great opportunities as the card you have purchased can be changed for one of the five cards in your hand. To buy the card you want to change, the required card is to be placed in front of the Community Card bet and the 2nd amount wager (with an equal amount of the initial bet) is placed on the top of the card.

A dealer will take out this money and deal face-up card. This new card is mixed with other 4 cards to complete the set in your hand put in the place of the 2nd bet. You can keep your wager along with you, but wins no prize in case all cards have the same value. However, if yours and a dealer’s hand have the same value, the bet with the set of highest value cards will win.