Soccer on online casinos

Did you know, that soccer can be played in many different forms within online casinos? If you didn’t know you could actually PLAY soccer on online casinos, you’re in for a treat! Soccer is the most popular game in the world by a mile and many online casinos are trying to take advantage of that. Players nowadays are treated with tens of different slots, games, campaigns and bonuses that all relate to the beautiful game of football (soccer). Let’s take a closer look how you can connect with this sport through gambling.

Bonuses & Campaigns

Soccer is sports after all, so it’s normal that most of the soccer related content within online casinos is revolving around sports betting. The best time to be looking for bonuses and campaigns for soccer is when there is a major event about to happen. These events are for example Euro Cup, Copa America, World Cup, Champions League, Europa League, and of course the start of the biggest leagues (MLS, Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, etc.). These events usually bring out the best campaigns and bonuses for players as online casinos are preparing to celebrate these tournaments or leagues. You should also be on the look for special odds when these kind of events are taking place. Keep your eyes open and check when there’s an big soccer event going on. You’d might be able to find a bonus that you thought would never even exist!

Soccer slots

For those who don’t like sports betting, there are alternatives! There are many slots that carries a soccer theme and for example Football Star is one of them. Football Star slot takes you through all the way to the World Cup last 16 where you can compete and take on challenges that bring you closer to winning the World Cup (and loads of money of course!).

Soccer slots are usually a good way to spend some time if you’re waiting a match to start on the TV, or you are just simply trying to kill some time by chasing a virtual ball on a slot machine.

Live betting

One of the most interesting forms of sports betting is doing it live. This means that you’ll have usually tens of different odds presented to you, such as “Who’s going to score next” or “who’s going to get the next corner kick” etc. Live betting is extremely entertaining form of consuming soccer, especially if you’re watching the game live at the stadium! On live betting the bookie (online casino) usually has an safety period where it takes about 5 seconds for your bet to get approved after you submit it. This is just to ensure that there is no illegal activities going on, such as trying to bet on an event AFTER it happens.

If you enjoy soccer and gambling in general, you should definitely try some live betting action next time you’re watching a game!