Stud Poker’s Fixed Limit Relishes Position Plays

To understand Caribbean Stud Poker and how it is played at casinos like Live22, you need to understand how the game was first played as a multi-player game. In this article we cover stud poker in general, and in particular talk about a move called the ‘The Bring’.

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‘The bring’ in Stud poker is always paid by the player with the lowest card to start with. If you are sitting close to the left of this player, you will be in early position immediately.

In fixed limit poker early position isn’t as dangerous as when you are playing in games such as No Limit Texas Hold’em, but because of the way fixed limit poker is played you need to consider the returns you will be getting from your bets will be far less than No Limit versions of poker.

That means that position can still play a huge part in your stud poker strategy.

Coming into the hand from an early position in fixed limit poker with a weak starting hand can put your bet at risk.

In fixed limit poker you need to get value back on each of your single bets and so the only way to achieve this is to use hands that will bring you the right odds as with any game of poker. A single bet lost means you need to regain that single bet, and if you go all the way to 7th Street in Stud, that’s 5 bets or more.

You need to win 5 heads up battles to the showdown to get your money back lost on 5 bets lost before 4th street and heads up in fixed limit is not ideal because the pot odds are reduced. That makes getting in to the hand with the right cards very important and position very important.

It is quite easy to lose 5 bets before you even see the 4th card in stud. Let’s say you are out of position because the bring on an 8 player table is the player to right or 2 place to the right of you 5 times in a round of 10 hands. That means 5 times you have to make a decision whether or not to bet.

If you bet with a weak hand from early position and someone else raises and furthermore that raise is called by 2 or 3 other players, you are now going to have to fold your weak hand.

Make this wrong decision 5 times and you have left yourself with a mountain to climb.

On the other hand, if you bet when you are in late position because you have a good starting hand you are at an advantage.

You will have already seen how the rest of the players have acted and so you have a good idea of the odds. Even with a not so good hand you could still be in with a good chance from this position. You know that you are not wasting your money on a bad hand because you have had a chance to calculate the odds with all the other money already in the pot, and thus you can call or raise for value or simply fold for safety.

Remember that fixed limit play makes it more difficult to win big pots, and so if you are a loose cannon, you could find yourself digging a hole you cannot get out of.

Use your position to get a good idea of your pot odds, and you will find that you make more money playing stud, or at the very least limit your losses.

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