Video Poker For Beginners

Video Poker was introduced in the gambling world in the year 1970s. Today it is the most popular way of playing and betting in the online casino. For the player who wants to stake high and win the game of skill, always opts video poker. The game is a machine based hence the anonymity of the player is maintained. You can put a normal wager and win high stakes.

For playing video poker, you will have to spend 1 to 5 coins in the games. The machine will offer you five cards. You have the option to hold and discard the cards. Cards you discard will be replaced by the machine. You will win according to the hand you have. Although the dealer always has the advantage, in the case of video poker, you can play safe and fair. You can also use factors like promo codes, free plays, and cashback to maximize your returns.

Rules of Video Poker

Following is the basic simple rules of Video Poker-

  • The slot machine will start the game when you insert a requisite number of coins.
  • Once you have inserted the coins, the machine will shuffle the deck of cards. Some slot machines also have Joker cards as wild cards for the variation of games.
  • You will be dealt five cards. You have the option to keep or discard the cards.
  • The machine will replace the discarded cards randomly from the cards remaining in the deck.
  • You will get the winnings according to the value of the hand you have.

Conventional strategies to win Video Poker

The most common way to play and win Video Poker is to play with the full house. The strategy is called Jacks or Better. This strategy us simple and straight. When you are dealt with the five cards, the most common way to play is to keep the high-value cards. The high-value cards mean Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Ace. Any card higher than Jack will be kept by the player as they give them a higher chance to win the game.

This strategy is also called as 9/6 Jacks or Better. It means that you can win nine times of the bet if you win the hands with jacks or higher cards. There are some promotions in the casino that also offer 10/6 or 9/7 winnings for the same hand. However, you should be eligible for the offer.

Bally’s All American

The conventional way to play American Video Poker is also the Bally’s All American Video Poker. Where you can get high winning for the hands based on Jacks or Better. There is an increased payout for flushes, straights, and straight flushes. But the game has a low payout for two pairs and full house hands.

There is also a casino with a low payout for the Video Poker, which offers less payout than normal. These casinos experience less revenue, as the players do not play with the casino for a longer period, and he reduced playtime of the players in the machine affects the net revenue. The low payout video poker games are offered with the variant.