What makes for a good online casino?

In this article we’ll explore the subject of identifying a good online casino, which should help with the daunting task we have when we take a look at thousands available online casinos worldwide. To make it easy for you we reccomend CashiMashi as a new and vibrant casino, so you can visit that one if you just want a quick solution. If you want to know how we got around to recommending CashiMashi, read on.


The first and most important aspect of every online casino is – will they pay your winnings? There are many ways to check for this before you make a deposit, and one of the most reliable ones is player reviews. When you see that a lot of players have posted a review of some online casino somewhere, and very few or none report problems regarding payments, you’re good to go.

Licences play a smaller role than what you may think. Strong licences such as UKGC or Malta (CashiMashi has the Maltese licence) may seem like a sign of trust, but unlicenced casinos have to try extra hard to earn trust among their players, so it evens out. We could say that unlicenced casinos are actually a better choice quite often, because they only have their reputation to depend on since they don’t have a licence. One notable example of this is Bovada.

Selection of games

This is player-dependant. If you want to play slots by Quickspin, you couldn’t care less if the casino has 1500 other slots since they don’t have your favorite ones. However, the number of slot games offered is a good indicator you will be able to find that one game you’re looking for. Also, you definitely want a casino that publishes new slots as soon as they’re released. CashiMashi does that, and they have 2000 slots by dozens of developers.

It’s important to choose not only a game you like, but a game you can win at. Slots differ from one another a great deal. Some pay better, some worse, some can deliver a life-changing win while many others can not do that. Choose your slots wisely.

Customer support

Whenever you have a problem, a small or a big one, you want it taken care of in the easiest way possible, with a customer support team that’s there to help in any way that they can. This is a sign of a quality casino, and we could just mention that Bitstarz is the best casino when it comes to customer support. They really try hard. Other casinos don’t try that much, but CashiMashi is reasonable in this aspect.

Things that don’t matter

Other than these three things, we’d say that most other things don’t even matter. That goes for the welcome bonus too. What good is it if the casino won’t pay out, or if customer support isn’t there to answer your question about rollover?

The only other thing that may matter when you’re choosing an online casino is whether they accept your preferred payment method or not. If you got money on Skrill you want a casino that accepts Skrill – it’s as simple as that. So, do factor in payment methods when choosing an online casino for yourself, but first take a look at reputability, game selection and customer support. This will ensure that you only play in quality casinos, every time.