Why is Online Poker So Popular?

Have you heard of game poker online? If you are one of those guys who loves the feel of the cards in your hand and the sound of the shuffling of the deck, then you would be wondering what makes online poker so popular? You might be wondering what all the hype is about. There are several reasons that make online poker such a popular phenomenon.

  • Status of a Sport

There used to be a time when poker was just a game that was played over a cup of coffee or a bottle of bear. But lately, the so called game has evolved and is recognized as a sport. Ever since it has become a sport, it has found mainstream acceptance. There are a lot more people looking at it as a profession and not just a hobby to entertain themselves. This has got more number of people playing the game online.

  • Media Coverage

Ever since poker has found mainstream acceptance as a sport, there have been national level tournaments that are being held. These tournaments have got ample media coverage with some sports channels also airing special poker programs for late night viewers. This widespread media coverage has got more people involved with the game.

  • Anybody Can Win Idea

What has really fascinated many people across the globe is that fact that it is a game that just about anybody can win. You don’t need to undergo years of professional training or have special skillsets to win the game. The fact that some of the biggest poker tournaments have been won by the most unexpected of people has made it an enigma.

  • Prize Money

The prize money in online poker games has been steadily increasing. The lure of these large sums is also attracting more people to the game.